Blogging with the Big Dogs: How to Write Well (without really trying)




Your best friend is sweet and pretty but there is something about her you can’t stand; she’s awful at telling stories. She rambles on and on about insignificant details until you have completely lost track of what she was talking about in the first place. We all know somebody like this. Writing a good blog is like telling a good story. You need to keep everything short and to the point, only include the necessary details-or your audience will zone out just like you do whenever Becky tells you a story about something funny her dog did yesterday.

Brian Carroll offers some advice to those looking to write for digital media. A blog is only as good as its editor. He lays out a 7 step program to teach hopeful young bloggers how to best edit their posts. These steps range from reading your post backwards to literally cutting it up and arranging it until it makes the most sense. He acknowledges multiple times that usually our space to make a point is limited in a digital setting, so us bloggers have to maximize what we are given. Gone are the days of writing complex papers full of fluff just to meet a page requirement. We are entering a new realm of writing that requires us to simplify our thoughts as much as possible.

According to Lynda Felder,writing for media is about how you grab the audiences attention-and then, how you keep it. You need to start your post with a hook, something that will interest the audience and get them to read on. She mentions a strategy called the inverted pyramid. You start off with the most important information and slowly work your way down. She says “The inverted pyramid turns the traditional paragraph upside down. It begins with a topic sentence, which states what the paragraph is about, and then the most critical and interesting content follows.” The internet is distracting, there are constant pop-ups and links trying to steal the attention of your audience and you need to choose your words wisely enough to keep them interested in what you are saying.

The format of how people are expressing themselves is changing so much as the use of social media becomes more and more popular. There is now a way for everyone to express themselves and their opinions in ways our parents never had the chance to. Don’t let the ideas of “traditional writing” scare you away from putting yourself out there because writing online is so much different and much more fun then writing for english class. So go ahead! Start off with a comment on someone else’s blog, or writing something short on Facebook or Twitter. People are ready to read what you have to say so grab your keyboard and get to typing!


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