Play Hard, Work Harder



In my previous post,  I talked about all of the delectable dining you can find in Baltimore. If you’re like me, you love to indulge but definitely don’t like the guilt that can sometimes go along with it. Well don’t you worry, because good ole Charm City can offer you not only great food but great ways to burn the calories!

Run with a viewfederalhillpark

The obvious first place to start is at Federal Hill Park right in the heart of downtown. You can walk your  dogs, go for a run or take your kids for a quick game of pickup. Not only is it literally at the top of a hill (sprints anyone?), the park looks over the Inner Harbor making for an amazing view while you’re getting your sweat on. So you can look at something good while making yourself look good too!! My friends and I love to go for walks with their puppies around the park and look down at the Harbor and we always feel great after so get up there, I promise you won’t regret it!

City of Sand

Right below Fed Hill Park is something that might seem out of place in a city like Baltimore. Located on 300 Key Highway are seven sand volleyball courts. Now you might be thinking “Allie, that can’t be possible?” but alas the amazing people of Baltimore made it happen! Summer through fall the courts are open to everyone for drop in games. Baltimore’s Sand Volleyball Organization also offer men’s, women’s and coed leagues all different nights of the week. It’s a super great way to work out and to meet people from the city!

Spin it

I don’t know about you guys, but I’m somebody who likes to switch up my workouts. I can’t do the same thing for too long or I get bored and eventually that leads to me getting lazy. So in between trips to the gym, I like to take fun workout classes. One of my favorites is a spin class. They are really high energy and fun so it doesn’t really feel like you are working as hard as you actually are. Well luckily for us, the couple behind REV Cycle are here to help! In 2014, Esther and Rick opened their first facility in Baltimore and haven’t stopped spinning ever since! They offer multiple classes a week, all with different themes and different genres of music so you can take as many that you want and as many that interest you! It’s a super fun and different way to get fit but still have fun and definitely get out of your comfort zone. So what are you doing, run (or spin) your way over to REV Cycle and sign up for a class! Maybe I’ll see you there 😉



Take a look at all of the unique workout options that can be found in Baltimore!

Upper Left: REV Cycle classroom, credit:

Upper Right: Baltimore Beach Volleyball Logo, credit:

Bottom: Baltimore Volleyball Court, credit:


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