Fan Favorites


I recently came to the realization that there are hundreds of people who live in Baltimore and know a lot more about it then I do. I decided to start a series on my blog called “Fan Favorites” where I’ll talk to different people about their favorite things from this city that we all call home. So for my first episode of “Fan Favorites” I’m going to start with myself just to set the tone for what else it to come.

My Favorite things in Baltimore

This list could go on forever but some of my absolute favorite things in Baltimore is a restaurant downtown called “RA.” It is located right outside Fells Point and has the most amazing sushi you will ever have. However, the reason I love RA is their happy hour deals on different rolls everyday. It’s the best!


Speaking of Fells Point, it is the ultimate place for nightlife in Baltimore. It has amazing restaurants, super cool shops and fun bars so there is fun for everyone. My favorite thing about Fells Point are the different festivals they hold throughout the summer. There are bands and local vendors all there to share their work. It is one of my favorite ways to spend a free summer day!

Now that you know about my favorite things in Baltimore, it’s time to hear from some other locals about what makes this town so special!


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