Go Team!


Something that draws a lot of tourism to a city are the sports team that represent it. In Baltimore, we have some amazing sports teams to cheer on and trust me, us locals love them so much. It feels like one big Baltimore family!!

Purple and Black

Our most notable team and my personal favorite is our hometown football team, The Baltimore Ravens. Not only did we have some incredibly famous players like Ray Lewis and Justin Tucker but we have a team that feels more like our friends and less like celebrities. I don’t know any other people that would drag themselves outside at 7 AM to cheer on a football team other than Ravens fans.  In 2012, we actually won the Super Bowl!! M&T Bank stadium is like the holy land of Baltimore and we know that once we step inside we all become one big unit cheering on our team.

Let’s Go O’s!

Baseball is another sport that people from Baltimore feel very competitive about. Our team, The Baltimore Orioles has been home to some of baseball most famous names like Brooks Robinson and Cal Ripken Jr. While the Orioles had most of their success before I was born, they are still a hometown name that draws massive crowds during the warmer months. Anytime during summer you can catch Camden Yards full of fans of all ages waiting to see our birds play. In fact we are so passionate about our baseball team that we have changed our National Anthem. When the part “Oh say does that star spangled banner yet wave” all of the Orioles fans scream O!! at the top of our lungs. It’s a tradition that I hope never goes away,

Olympic Champs

So this is cheating a little bit because technically the next thing I am about to talk about isn’t a sports team but a sports powerhouse nonetheless. Michael Phelps, the most decorated Olympian of all time, was born and raised in Baltimore! Probably the most famous person to come out of our city, we all feel especially proud whenever Michael would win another race. To be exact, he has a total of 28 Olympic medals. While Michael doesn’t reside in Baltimore anymore, he comes back every so often to visit his old training facility and to meet young hopeful Olympians. I know that everyone from Baltimore brags about the time they first met Michael Phelps…I know I do!!


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