Social Media Strategy



As college students, we all have accounts on multiple different social media platforms. I would be more than shocked to meet someone who doesn’t have an account on at least one site. I have always believed social media as something fun we all did to share our lives with our friends and family. However, as social networks have evolved, so has the way that we market ourselves. In her article “The Social Strategy: A Five-Step Process for Social Media Marketing Success,” Kimberlee Morrison talks us through the different ways we can put our best foot forward on on profiles.

Morrison talks us through a five step process that she believes is full-proof when it comes to different social networks. While her article is geared mostly towards companies, it could  be applicable towards young people looking to improve their social media presence.

Step 1: Social Identity

She starts off her list with what I would consider the most important step; Social Identity. In order to create a strong media presence, you need to know who you want to be online. Once you figure that out, you can create a voice that is uniquely yours. You need to keep in mind who you are in relationship to others because ultimately they are the ones viewing your posts.

Step 2: Community Activation

Next step is to figure out who your audience is and how they are going to receive you. For most cases on social media, the audience is coming to you, not the other way around and you want to be sure the content you are producing is matching the expectations your audience has for you.

Step 3: Content Strategy

This step relies completely on your completion of the first two. In order to create quality content, you need to figure out your audience and your identity online. The content you produce needs to match and go along with these two things.

Step 4: Social Campaigns

In order to start creating social campaigns, you need to have a solid foundation of your voice and what you want your audience to get our of your posts.

Step 5: Social Intelligence

The final step Morrison talks about is how in order to produce good content you need to be knowledgeable about the social media platform you are using. You need to know that features your network offers and the best way to market yourself using the tools you’re given.

So there you have it! After using these 5 steps you should be able to create content that is informative and clear. I look forward to reading what you come up with!


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