Identity of the Cell Phone



How do you identify yourself? An athlete? An artist? As adolescents, we all have something we hope that people identify us as. However, Abu Sadat Nurullah seems to believe that the thing we can be characterized by is our cell phones.  In his article, “The Cell Phone as an Agent for Social Change,” Nurullah talks about how for young people, our world is within our phones. That we take value in ourselves based on our phones and what we are using them for.

When I started reading Nurullah’s article, I thought that it was explaining the extreme cases. The kids who can’t function without their cell phones, who constantly need to be texting, tweeting and blogging. I didn’t think that this could actually apply to me. I continued reading then I became aware of something. In the 30 minutes it took me to read the article, I checked my phone 8 times. That means I am checking my phone about 16 times an hour and about 384 times a day. Who knows how much time I have wasted checking my phone. Maybe Nurullah was right. I started to think about my life with my phone. How that there was a set year that everyone got a cell phone and that was a sign that we were “mature” How there was an entire world on social media and our phones that our parents and grandparents know nothing about.

Our lives today are dictated around our phones and our constant need and want to be connected. Nurullah is completely correct when he talks about how phones are changing the way our society is shaped. We have access to things we couldn’t even dream of years ago.

So as a send off I want you to count how many times you stopped reading this post to check your phone?



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